ComplaintManager details


  • Web based, allowing access for everybody inside and outside the organization, including the clients
  • Fast registration for employees and clients (via website, email, directly)
  • Instructingemployees or departments via workflows
  • Complete tracking, tracing and chasing
  • Scheduling
  • Extensive  reporting
  • Integration ofemails, letters, faxes, etc.
  • Connectible to other software systems 

ComplaintManager runs on a browser-based solution, which provides the following important advantages:

  • No installation to local PC”s. Everybody using a browser can get access to the program
  • All departments can be easily involved in the process. Whoever has access to a browser, can also have access to the relevant information.
  • Also parties outside the organization can get access through internet. These can be for example call centers, account managers, project managers, but also the client who has expressed a complaint can be granted access so that he/she can remain up to date on the status of the complaint.  

ComplaintManager is an ASP-application. The most important  specifications are:

  • Database server:     SQL Server or Oracle
  • Web server:             MS IIS with Framework 3.0 or higher
  • Browser:                  ComplaintManager is extensively tested on most important browsers 

Due to the dynamic creation of fields in the database it is possible to connect an unlimited number of attributes to a task or products. This makes possible to save all relevant  information of products/services in the database, e.g. item number, serial number, client number, year of manufacture and production batch.   

Should you have further questions on ComplaintManager or if you wish to see the demo,  please do not hesitate to contact us.