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Who are we?

COMPLAINABLE originated on the basis of the issue that was constantly raised in debtor management departments: “customers do not pay their invoice because they have a complaint”.
In response to those signals COMPLAINABLE brought together its practice-based know-how
and started to take a specialized interest in complaints and the opportunities they can create.
For complaints do not necessarily mean losing customers or not receiving your money.
Experience has shown that (large) organizations have no idea of how complaints are handled
within their organization and of the opportunities that complaint management can offer.
The enthusiasm, the practical business experience of the people at COMPLAINABLE, their
knowledge of complaint training courses and their customer contacts mean that
COMPLAINABLE can rightly describe itself as a specialist in complaint management and can
think together with the customer about the opportunities that complaints can create!
On this basis and by harnessing the know-how and skills around us, we ensure that we can think along with you in many areas about complaint management within your organization. 
We are convinced that a complaint creates chances and possibilities for your organization, clients and employees!