Having effective complaint management in place means that complaints are handled in a systematic and structured way to the benefit of both customers and the organization. 

If complaint management is used as a means of improving the quality of your service(s)/product(s), then it must be possible for complaints to be identified and registered at all levels. Complaints should also be given an “owner”, so that it is clear who is following up and handling which complaint. This applies to both internal and external complaints.

As an example, here are some questions that an effectively organized registration system will help you to identify:

  • What do we understand by complaints?
  • How do the incoming complaints arise?
  • What is the cause of my complaints?
  • How have we designed our internal processes?
  • What opportunities are available to us when we receive complaints?

Our web-based software program ComplaintManager has been developed for the registration of complaints and for following up and/or dealing with them. The program’s extensive reporting possibilities ensure that this software allows you to look further than solely at how a complaint is handled. ComplaintManager creates a bridge between all the systems that are operational in your organization.

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