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Does this sound familiar: you wish to do something about the complaints that your organization receives every now and then – or do you not even know exactly how many complaints you get? Perhaps you find it difficult to even define a complaint and do not know what you can do with it?


Much can be said about how complaint management can be structured, but what is the right way? What fits best within your organization at this point in time and what sort of things can you actually achieve in this area? 

COMPLAINABLE likes to think about and discuss this together with you and to look at what you actually do with complaints: hide them away or confront them in a controlled manner using the know-how and skills that you have in house: your own employees! 


Together with you, COMPLAINABLE looks at which of our product(s) and/or service(s) are suitable for your organization. This can range from analyzing the quality of how existing complaints
are handled to setting up of a complaint management system and all the opportunities that it will bring. 

The possibilities that we would like to check out together with you are: advice, coaching, training courses, quantitative analyses, or perhaps even interim projects. Our joint objective is to find the right way of controlling complaint management well and using the opportunities that it offers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss. Perhaps that alone makes you aware whether you see and use the opportunities of complaints.