The implementation of complaint management within an organization is never exactly the same. Each organization has its own processes and culture as regards to how new systems are embedded within the organization. That is why effective and thorough preparation is a “must” in order to ensure the problem-free implementation of complaint management.

Good preparation is half the battle and our consultant can safeguard this by examining and monitoring the implementation from various angles within the organization. Thanks to proper preparation the impact of complaints can be coordinated and handled correctly.

Our consultant looks at the following essential aspects:

  • Is the organization clear about what constitutes a complaint?
  • Has the complaint process been fully mapped out and do employees know how they can use it?
  • Is a customer encouraged to make a complaint or comments on the product or service?
  • When a complaint is received, how is the feedback organized?
  • Is a complaint classified so that it is given the right priority and is passed on to the right place?

The COMPLAINABLE consultant is a professional who gets together with you to find out which direction you want to go with complaint management, how you can best achieve your objective and what resources you need.

Transparency and trust are essential in this process, which means that we always look to see whether there is an optimum “click” between you and a consultant. That gives you a shared commitment, working together towards your common objective: a correct handling of complaints and an increase in customer satisfaction. As a sparring partner of equal standing, we can help you gain an insight into your objectives in the area of complaint management. And then, together with you, we examine what the subsequent steps may be needed.

We are looking forward to an opportunity to tell you more, will you contact us?