Training courses

One of the products that COMPLAINABLE actively offers is training. Training courses in the area of complaint management help to create a pro-active process for managing complaints within the organization. Refresher training and self-awareness are important to make sure that complaint management is and remains an ongoing topic within the organization. 

The training courses are focused on actual practice and on your organization and they can be implemented at various levels. Whether in the form of classical (awareness) training courses, on the job coaching or skills training; together with you, COMPLAINABLE will find the most suitable form of training, so that this is not money wasted but something that your employees can profit from day after day.

The training courses that COMPLAINABLE offers are given by trainers/coaches with (practical) experience and focus specifically on the following subjects:

  • Complaint management training (for management and heads of departments)
  • Complaint correspondence training, by letter
  • Complaint correspondence training, by e-mail
  • Training in handling complaints by telephone
  • Coaching on the job (individual) 

Together with you, we look at the most suitable method of giving complaint management a regular form by means of training/coaching; a form that characterizes your organization and one that your employees like to work with, so that they regard themselves the owner of a complaint and feel responsible for finding an appropriate solution together with the customer.

If you wish to learn more about our training courses, please feel free to contact us.