COMPLAINABLE,  the power of a complaint!

Are your clients sometimes complaining about your services/product?
Are you sometimes shocked by the way your own personnel reacts to a complaining client?
Are the payments of your clients long overdue? 
Do you know the cause of most complaints and how they are handled within your organization? 

Also you can profit from the structured complaint management that can:

  • Increase your knowledge on your client and the person he/she is
  • Give you insight into your client’s preferences
  • Offer your organization a chance to obtain satisfied and permanent clients 
  • Make your personnel prepared for handling complaints and realizing the chances they provide
  • Enable handling complaints in a systematic and structured manner to the benefit of both customers and the organization. 
  • Help your organization gain financial advantages, new and satisfied clients.

We focus on the complaint and the client, helping the organizations and institutions in setting up their complaint management by consulting, training, coaching, software and as a sparring partner.

ABLE, the opportunity of a complaint!