January 20, 2016

Lidl, Staatsloterij and IKEA are the big winners in the field of complaints handling. They were able to respond to all complaints received and to provide a solution. The worst complaint solver is ANWB, according to’s annual report.

More than 70,000 complaints were received on the aforementioned online platform last year. More than a third of this (38%) has been solved via Compared with 2014, the number of companies that use this site for complaints handling rose by 20 percent. ANWB appears to be the worst complaint solver. Not only the most complaints were received by the tourist union in the past period, but ANWB did not solve one of these 1,448 complaints. The protests were mostly about the Roadside Service and overpriced repairs. The category on which the most complaints came in at were the triple play providers. No fewer than 3,700 complaints have been reported about these organizations. Ziggo recorded the highest ‘complaint score’ in this category: the cable operator did not solve any complaints of the 1,232 complaints.

A spokesperson for ANWB says in a response to Communication Online that it is understandable that so many complaints on the relevant stage about the tourist association have not been resolved. ‘We do not work together with We handle around 37,000 complaints annually, but we do that in direct contact with our members and our customers. We have chosen not to do so in cooperation with a commercial party such as ‘

That it can also show otherwise Lidl, Staatsloterij and IKEA. According to, they are the big winners in the field of complaints handling. The trio responded to all complaints received and placed a solution. Kim Beerling, customer service manager Lidl, is delighted with this award. ‘The customer is central to Lidl. That is why we work every day with an enthusiastic team of employees to offer the highest quality for the lowest price. We always take questions and comments seriously and respond quickly and solution-oriented. Good to see that this is appreciated. ‘